Poole Athletic Club

Constitution 2016


The name of the club shall be Poole Athletic Club. The object of the club shall be to develop, promote and encourage amateur athletics, under UK Athletics rules, and act as a representative body to co-ordinate and support such activities.  The club shall provide organised training and competitive opportunities for the development of its membership, including both junior and senior athletes. 

The club is a non-profit-making organisation. All profit and surpluses will be used to maintain or improve the club's facilities, property and expertise. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit-making body, or to members on winding-up or dissolution of the club.

The Rules

1 Affiliation

The club shall be affiliated to UK Athletics and such other bodies as the committee decide.

 2 Club Colours

Club colours will be a black vest with a diagonal gold stripe from the left shoulder to the right waist. Shorts shall be black. A second strip shall be registered, which shall be a white vest with a black band across the chest with the words "Poole Athletic Club" in printed gold lettering.  

3 Membership

Membership of the club shall be unlimited and open to:-

(a) All athletes being a person of either sex and who is an amateur as defined by and in accordance with the Rules of  UK Athletics.

(b) Former members of the club, duly approved by the committee.   

(c) Such other persons having a common interest as may be duly approved by the committee.

(d) The committee shall be empowered to elect honorary members, but such members shall not be eligible to serve on the committee or vote at any meeting.

(e) All applications for the club shall be completed on the appropriate "form of application for membership" and accompanied by the appropriate fee. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership. All members will conform strictly to UK Athletics Rules and club rules.

(f) Only members 18 years or over shall be entitled to one vote, notwithstanding the type of membership taken out.

 (g) To qualify for club entry to the London Marathon, a member must be first claim to Poole AC and must have been paid up in full by three months after the due date of the subscription. Notification must be made to the Club Secretary to give time to check validification of qualification.
(h) To qualify for the club championship, a member must be fully paid up.
(i) A member must be registered as a competitive member of England Athletics to qualify for the marathon draw and the club championship
4 Management
(a) The general management of the club shall be vested in a committee composed of duly elected officers of the club plus up to seven elected club members. A minimum of five to be present to form a quorum. The seven elected club members to include the Mens’ Captain, Ladies’ Captain and the Race Secretary. The said committee has the power to co-opt if vacancies arise.
(b) The elected officers of the club shall be as follows : Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Junior Chairman and Honorary Treasurer.

(c) The election of the officers of the club shall be undertaken at the AGM. Nominations for these posts can be made on the day.

(d) Sub-committees, as approved at an AGM or by the elected committee, may be established to

deal with matters of special purpose as may be necessary, e.g. club championship racing committee, coaching committee, junior section etc.

(e) The junior section is responsible for fulfilling the club objectives for the younger members (aged 8+)  and will have its own Committee, chaired by the Junior Chairman, to administer its day-to-day affairs.

(f) The Club Committee shall have the power to co-opt such members as they consider necessary for the discharge of duties, e.g. kit and equipment officer, press officer etc.

(g) The committee shall be empowered to conduct the financial affairs of the club without recourse to a general meeting. Expenditure of up to £1000 can be approved by any 2 officers of the club. Above this sum expenditure must be approved by a quorate committee.

(h) No single club member or elected official shall commit the club to financial expenditure either in writing, spoken word, or deed.

(i) Club members or elected officers who organise any activity for and behalf of the club shall submit an account of income and expenditure to the treasurer within 30 days of the event.

5 President

The president of the club shall be the Mayor of The Borough of Poole.

6 Finance

(a) The financial year shall commence on 1st January and shall end on the last day of December.

(b) The auditor, whose duty it shall be to audit all books of account at least once per year, shall be a person who is elected at the AGM.

(c) The general account will receive:- 

(i) all monies due to the club.

(ii) all donations, unless the donor specifically expressed a particular wish which does not infringe in any shape or form the Rules of  UK Athletics.

(iii) all profits from any fund-raising events.

(d) The general account will be used for paying:-

(i) all affiliation fees.

(ii) printing, stationery and postage cost of the club.

(iii) such other items of expenditure as deemed necessary by the committee with due regard for these rules, or by the club members at a general meeting for the purchase of equipment and expenses incurred for and on behalf of the club.

7 Meetings

(a) The annual general meeting shall be held no later than January 31st and all propositions to be considered at the AGM must be submitted to the Honorary Secretary no later than 14 days prior to the meeting being held.  This includes any proposals to amend the Constitution.

(b) Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). An EGM may be called subject to at least ten members signing a requisition, which states the proposition to be discussed and voted on. Notices of propositions to be circulated to members 14 days before the EGM.

(c) "Committee Meetings". The committee will meet once per 6 weeks or more frequently at the discretion of the committee. 

(d) Proxy Votes. Notice of proxy votes must be submitted to the Honorary Secretary two days before the relevant meeting.

8 Subscriptions

(a) The annual club subscription shall be decided at the AGM.

9 Code of Conduct

Poole AC  supports a policy of equal opportunity and respect to others; this means high standards of behaviour towards other athletes, coaches and officials at all times. Any member who brings the club or athletics generally into disrepute through unacceptable behaviour will have his or her membership revoked by the Club Committee.

The Club Committee shall decide any questions as to the interpretations of these rules and decide any matter not definitely provided for therein. The Club Committee shall arbitrate in any dispute and its decision will be final.                         20th  January 2016                                                                                                                                       (founded 1897)


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