Poole Athletic Club

Intermediates Training

Thursday Intermediates Training Sessions

With the nights drawing in, we are forced to return to road-based training on Thursdays, as we move into our Aerobic transitioning phase of our training year. We will look to some familiar locations to undertake our resistance work. We welcome more middle distance athletes, and will modify the sessions to include younger or developing athletes, so tell your friends!

I have born in mind key fixtures in the following list, returning to the normal meet time of 7.30 & with cool down, being completed soon around 8.45PM: (See below:)

We will continue to charge a small fee of £1 please do remember this each week.

28th Sept Brundenell Avenue/Evening Hill 5th Oct Roman Road, Broadstone BH189DL*

12th Oct Zig-zags St Michael’s Rd B’mth ^ 19th Oct Tollerford Ave Canford Heath

26th Oct Whitchurch Ave Broadstone 2nd Nov Canford Cliffs Ave Penn Hill”

9th Nov Blakedene Rd Road Lilliput 16th Nov Twemlow Ave Nr Poole Park~

^Meet at the car park near to The Highcliffe Hotel and West Cliff Zig-Zag Path.

*Meet at the corner of Roman Road and Anvil Crescent, using hills close-by.

“ Meet in Car Park Near to Penn Central Bar, on Canford Cliffs Ave.

~ Meet at the corner of Orchard Ave and Twemlow Ave close to Poole Park Lake.

Please ensure you where reflective clothes for these sessions ensuring good visibility.