Poole Athletic Club

2017 Race

The Beast

"24 Again" - 10.30am - 3rd September 2017

Part of The Purbeck Trail Series

Race entries now open!

Non-refundable entry fee £20.00, £18.00 for affiliated runners - Closing Date Friday 4th August

Cut off time 3 hours 30 mins.

The race starts and finishes on Corfe Common, West Street, Corfe Castle, Dorset.

Trophies for most categories and a unique t-shirt to every finisher.

Beast Entry Form 2017 2017 Entry Form - For ONLINE ENTRIES Please CLICK HERE

History of The Beast:

The Beast was conceived over a few pints in a pub and first took place in 1994.
The course has varied over the years, the second year it did a complete loop going through the gully
a second time and running up the unpopular metalled road to Kingston.
However it has settled down over the last dozen or so years with the exception of 2001, which was hampered
by the Foot and Mouth outbreak and one part of race the had to be run counter-current to the out-going runners
and of course last year, 2013 we had to change the course because of damage to the coastal path.
The most significant event was the tragic death of Princees Diana in the early hours 31st August 1997.
After the organisers got over their shock and horror and after a respectful minutes silence,
The Dinosaur Dash went ahead that morning, a decision I am sure the Princess would have agreed with.
In a more cheerful mood, it can be noted that we have our dedicated followers. Three runners have done all 20 races
and 2 volunteers have also been ever present, not to mention the year that by invitation 2 runners did the race a week late
and were still got a T-shirt. Here is to the next 20 years.

Previous Race names of The Beast:

2016 The Stairway to Hell
2015 Call of the Wild
2014 The Key to the Castle
2013 The Second Decade
2012 Born to Run
2011 Coming of Age
2010 Kraken Awakes
2009 Sweet Sixteen
2008 The Fifteenth Kindred Spirit
2007 One-Four
2006 The Lucky Thirteen
2005 The Dirty Dozen
2004 Legs Eleven
2003 The First Decade
2002 One Over The Eight
2001 Chariots of Fire
2000 Seventh Heaven
1999 The King of the Castle
1998 Over the Hill and Back
1997 The Dinosaur Dash
1996 The Beauty of the Beast
1995 The Last of the Summer Wine
1994 The Corfe Castle Challenge


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